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At Peaceful Living, we combine Indigenous wise practices with research-backed methods to develop impactful training experiences. Our holistic approach focuses on learning by doing and feeling.

We provide:

  • Customized training programs focused on trauma-informed communication, work-life balance, self-care techniques and addressing trauma's impacts on staff wellness

  • Coaching and engagement programs for improving organizational culture and fostering peaceful work environments

  • Experiential offerings such as mindfulness courses, team building activities and more.

More than just products, we offer experiences that touch lives and focus on what matters most. Our hands-on tools spark personal growth and healing that stays with people.

As a Certified Aboriginal Business and vendor listed in the Canada Buys Indigenous directory, we can fulfill contracts under the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business.

Key clients include government agencies, NGOs/non-profits, healthcare systems, first responders and Indigenous organizations. Our goal is to secure service contracts with these organizations to help meet their needs and support team wellbeing.

The logo design (TM) incorporates (Kiawenniserathe) Bright Day with the Tree of Peace from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy on the turtle's back from the Creation story.  The white roots of the pine tree reach out in the four directions to symbolize bringing peace to all directions. The tagline is about letting go of limiting or harmful beliefs to imagine having a better life and world.


Safe space for creativity and connection is at the core of everything we do.  Each service is specifically developed to meet organizational and/or learner needs; specializing in workshops, seminars, keynotes and multimedia. Over 20 years of experience developing, delivering and facilitating educational programs, program development and strategic planning for colleges, universities, non-governmental organizations, government and non-profits. 


We help organizations create safe, respectful environments through transformative learning experiences. Our customized workshops focus first on understanding what gets in the way of people feeling safe and respected, such as triggers and reactions. Then we build skills for compassionate communication and cultural humility. Whether it's preventing compassion fatigue, building resilience or fostering partnerships, we meet people where they are. Our experiential approach – learning by doing – provides the tools to drive positive change through action.

Knowledge Exchange

We make complex ideas relatable through compassionate knowledge sharing and multimedia storytelling. Using plain language, impactful visuals, activities and social media, we translate expertise into accessible conversations. Our approach meets people where they are, facilitating two-way learning through videos, infographics, and interactive content. If you want to help people truly comprehend and engage with information in a human-centered way, let’s talk. We craft exchanges focused on actionable takeaways, not just facts. Whether it’s health, policy or research, we start from lived experiences and turn insights into engaging stories across platforms. Our goal is to increase understanding and outreach through the power of visual and social storytelling. Let’s partner to make your communications more accessible, engaging and focused on real human needs.

Alison Kiawenniserathe (Bright Day) Benedict  is Ganien'gehá:ga from Akwesasne, Wolf Clan. The roots and inspiration of her life work come from the teachings of the Peacemaker. 
Her passion is learning, teaching and helping. She has taught over 2000 mental health, addiction and early childhood professionals including Social Work students in the past 20 years. She has focused primarily on Indigenous peoples throughout Turtle Island, as a helper, educator and as an advocate for social change. 
She has delivered are Trauma Informed Care, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy and many others. 
Alison is currently working towards her PhD in Cultural Studies at Queen's University


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